Sinetch Itech???

Maico is a seasoned social entrepreneur and a real estate superstar. He is a goal-oriented person who loves to set new frontiers. Maico believes that everyone has the power to change his life and ultimately his surroundings. He is an advocate of change and being a podcast host is just one of his outlets.

Maico is reliable, resilient and resolute. He finds simple joy in conversing with friends in a lunch or dinner date. He gives advices that are blunt & direct to the point but with sincerity & true to the heart. Finally, he believes that finding love is like a business venture: you have to invest, work hard on it before you see great interest of returns. However, he does not invest in love to get passive income but because he knows he can give so much love. Hence, he believes whoever he falls in love with will be the luckiest one.

Joewy has a passion for self-help books; you name it and he will surely read it. He has been lucky in life and now, he is looking forward to being lucky in love as well. He enjoys doing a wide range of activities such as running, swimming and competitive eating.

He generally considers himself  to be very open to new experiences and he will try almost anything once. He is currently single, and he is very optimistic that one day, he will find someone whom he can spend his life with. However, he wants to take things slowly and just have fun times with a fantastic guy, and also with his awesome friends of course.

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